Friday, February 15, 2008

Beautiful Weekend

I was such a nice sunday. me and Ivo went out to ride bicycles near our home. we have driven for around 15 KMs and it was just enjoyable. but, all the other days we only have shit weather.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Blonde girl sleeping in my room!

Tonight some of the relative came and there is a blonde girl sleeping in my room.... she hugger me and kissed me! NAKED! my dream come true!!!!!

..... not quite.... there is also a naked boy as well! they had to sleep at 20:30 and... they woke up at 6:30 and jumping on my bed up and down forcing me to wake up ! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...

i don't know why they have to sleep naked... they are lovely childrens. but when it comes to sleeping and playing, they are always the boss. and they have unlimited energy to make sure you are frustrated...

Friday, February 8, 2008

First European Football Experience

I went with the host family to the Veltin Arena in Gensenkirchen in Germany. Watch Schalke04 versus Basel. the stadium is magnificent! the game was boring.

i have seen so many ugly german peoples here. to be honest and polite, they are ugly. you won't believe me until you are here.

in the end of this game, there was a player from the Schalke04 had to leave the club, so all of us had a farewell... we played firework inside the stadium, and everyone singing songs! so amazing!

Grandma's Dumplings

Grandma is not making dumpling this year. I am her only fan I think? since I am not with her now. No one eat them anymore. I miss my grandma.

Global Warming

I eat so much german food mainly potatoes and breads made from potatoes. and cheese / cream. that makes me want to fart alot. Fart is consists of alot of chemicals like :
Some of these gases are green house gas. ask your chemical teacher which is which. I fart a lot, I become part of the suspect of global warming.