Thursday, May 31, 2007

happy hill

you know what?
i still love you.

unhealthy romantic person

i always consider myself a romanticist.
but i am not a romantic person.
to me, everything is romantic.

having dinner is romantic.
being starved is romantic.
going out with friends is romantic.
being alone is romantic.
walking home in late night is romantic.
buying ice-cream in 2am is romantic.
cooking instant noodle is romantic.
mopping the floor is romantic.
jumping up is romantic.
laying down is romantic.
playing piano is romantic.
don't know any music is romantic.
going to school is romantic.
going to work is romantic.
thinking is romantic.
not thinking is also romantic.
looking at someone you love is romantic.
looking in the mirror is romantic.
getting lost is romantic.
finding a way is romantic.

lonely is romantic.
sad is romantic.
crying is romantic.
pain is romantic.

i feel romantic.
i am too unhealthily romantic.

A conversation with a CX pilot

I finally called Jacky, the Cathay Pacific pilot. before i call i was quite nervous, dunno what to say. but then i decided, damn it! then i called.

he was actually very nice and very helpful, he keep talking non-stop for like... 30 minutes!
he gave me many useful information and shared alot of other thing to me about a Pilot life, that i have never heard of.

he's cool... he was a private pilot since 15, and became a cathay pacific pilot since 24, and he's now 29...and his wife is a private pilot too...

i really like him. i am gonna call him more often! hope i can learn more from him, get more information, maybe one can i can meet him and befriend with him.

...hopefully one day i can work with him!
add oil! new bun!

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

good bye bun

goodbye bun, goodbye.
good bye the old bun.
it's time for you to leave,
it's time for you to leave.
i will be forever grateful
for everything you have learned
for every experience you have earned.

you lived your life,
you had fun.
you laughed, you cried.
you loved, you lied.

now it's time for me to take over
it's time for you to start another life.

Monday, May 28, 2007

Cathay Pacific Pilot's contact

Got a pilot's email and phone number today!
he's from cathay pacific and he is a very young pilot!
still under 30!

he told me to call him directly
ask for suggestions and informations...
i am nervous
dunno where to start
i am too shy or too humble?
maybe i am just too ignorant and stupid

girls... want his number?



Sunday, May 27, 2007





賓 = 斌

Statistics of people guessing my name "Bun":
90% - 賓
9.9% - 彬
0.1% - 斌

i just couldn't figure it out, i have never meet anyone named 賓 actually. To me the only thing named with it is 菲律賓, 凍檸賓, 羅賓 and 柏賓

my name is... 斌
but it is an interesting misunderstanding.

Thursday, May 24, 2007






Saturday, May 19, 2007

Description from the other perspective

heartless, unfaithful, non-humorous, non-delightful, non-supporting, forgetful, reckless, mindless, not-single-minded, no-focus, non-diligent, unintelligent, illogical, careless, non-polite, manner-less, not presentable, egocentric, provoking, bothering, annoying, nagging, no respect, no priority, picky, not trustworthy, cheesy, unclean, stinky breath, untidy, dirty, messy, lazy, lack of passion, not romantic, short, skinny, poor, unrealistic, irresponsible, no love, lie lie lie, me.






Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Stupid me

i can't help thinking about you either
i should have managed myself better
i could have stopped the suffer earlier
and you would have no more tear

i'm extending your pain
and putting your hope in vain
only because i love you my dear
i'm doing all these stupid things

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The great camping with viv

I must have been crazy. on tuesday night after work i went camping with Viv! and planned to go back to work the next day. and i am glad i did that.

We went to MuiWo after work and got some food at MuiWo. then we walked.. walked... and walked towards the hill after the Silvermine Bay... at night, in darkness. we climbed the hill in about 1 hour and then we were there! at the top of a ridge. I have been there before, here is the album

We found a good spot and then we tried to set up the tent and i found that i didn't have the pugs (the nails for the ground securing the tent in place) We then went everywhere to found some rocks.. it was not easy! no rocks on that ridge! we finally managed to get around 8 rocks.. it was so stupid

we setup the tent, took some rest, then we started walking around inspecting the place at night. we took some lights to a big rock at that place, and Viv lit up the rock for some photos. it was funny.. no one do that ever i think, and Viv was a true creative guy. the rock looks exactly like a big monument on the hill!

we then ate alot of snacks then fell dead exhausted. at night it was freaking cold and we didn't bring blanket. i almost got sick! we curled ourselves to overcome the night. Next morning before sunrise we woke up and wanted to look at the sunrise. it was cloudy but didn't matter, Viv was so excited. it was his first time camping in a tent and i have been persuading him to go camping with me all these months!

It was cold in the morning and we headed down to Discovery bay at 8. there were alot to see during the walk and it was really a quality walk. my knees still hurts but they were alot better already.

At last we took a ferry from Discovery bay and back to central. i took a shower at Viv's place then i go back to work! crazy! and i felt sleepy all day!

More pictures will be posted ASAP.

Monday, May 7, 2007

My FIRST helicopter ride

today my photographer friend had an aerial shooting job and he invited me to go with him! I was too excited since this is my childhood dream coming true. i even turned on the Flight Simulator to practise how to control a helicopter... and to get a better knowledge what is going on with the pilot!

Marcel the photographer got a aerial shoot for the 8th highway connecting HK to China. He knew that i wanted to ride a helicopter so bad and he asked me to go with him, pretend as his assistant. Wow what a great idea!

We meet at the Peninsula Hotel (the best hotel in HK!) I was stunned by the lobby immediately. it was my first time going in! Then we went to the top floor of the Peninsula Hotel, and there is an aviation lounge! wow it was so cool... the lounge was so fancy and comfortable, and well furnished. We waited there and we had to look at a DVD briefing about the safety stuff, then we had to write down our weights.

We met the Pilot and his name is Ray, i guess he's either an Aussie or British. couldn't hear him really well. he is so tall. Then we walked to the roof... there are 2 helicopter field at the top of the hotel, and we flew from there! first time to get onto the helicopter i feel so excited, not nervous at all!

The helicopter was quite small from the interior and it's not much spacier than a Van, 4 persons can sit in the back. We have buckled up before take off. The typical high pitch starting sound of the rotatary engine makes me happy. I was too excited i even forgot when the helicopter really started the engine. i can read most of the gauges and i know how to use the radio! thank you Billy!

Everyone had to wear that typical headsets, with the mic over your mouth. i feel so pro!
it took off... it was so smooth i couldn't feel anything except the scenery became smaller and smaller.. and i am in the air above Tsim Sha Tsui!

Then i immediately tried to lean myself out of the door (there's no door actually, the door was removed) to look down. it was so much fun. i didn't have any fear of height at all. and everything was new. Marcel was sitting by the opened door he only have 2 belt to tie him to the moving helicopter. he was the one sitting almost outside.

We flew across TST, Laiking, tsuen wan, then over Castle Peak, yuen long, and finally we got to mai po where our work begins.

there's a bridge called Expressway No.8 and we flew over that bridge a few times. sometimes we hover, some time we flew fast to find a sight. During the time i took some pictures with my GR1 and sometimes i took picture from Marcel's Hasselblad XPAN2. wow. a great camera.

Of course flying is a lot of fun and fun usually pasts faster. we finally had to go back, we flew over the Container Port and TST again, when i see central at the higher angle it is just amazing. TST is beautiful!

The landing was smooth too, i didn't feel a bit of bump. The pilot sure did a great job!

you can view the album here


jumping around
making sound
looking up
laying down

my knee hurts
I can't help
thinking of u
nothing else

Sunday, May 6, 2007

Flight Lesson from Billy

Today I met Billy and he drove me to his new home. Nice place! We played a lot of stuff and he also showed me some magic tricks. amazing! Best of all we talked about flying and things like becoming a pilot. He is already a private pilot so he taught and shared a lot of flying stuff to me.

He taught me how to read maps, how to navigate with map and compass and avionics, and he also explained how to use the panel on the real airplane! We used the flight simulator to learn about all these.. Now i know how to use most of them! of course, Navigation on the plane is not easy at all! I learned to fly a plane also!(in the computer only) it was awesome! i was totally amazed... we had a great night!

We also had an indian curry dinner and a nice long talk!

Saturday, May 5, 2007

對不起 我愛你

心中想說 一生之中都只愛妳

這傷痛盼望輕微 望妳漸忘記

我 每日也想著妳
遙遠張望 隨妳悲喜

行近我又怕驚動妳 我又怕心難死
立定決心以後分離 一生裡頭
誰是我的心中最美 往日的妳


Finally i had to switch from the chinese doctor and go back to the "good old western way".
I have seen an Orthopaedic Surgent. (some doctors, "famous for bones") Finally someone is patient to listen to the patient.

Luckily, my case is pretty bad, but not serious to the point that it's gonna be forever. I just need to do some physiotherapy for a few times. Again, i hope, my insurance is going to cover it. those are not really expensive, anyway.

I always thought that physhotherapy is that in a room (like a ballet practicing room) there are some soft mattress and some fitness balloons on the floor and people roll their body on top of it, or, some kind of rail that a person need to hold on and walk 2 meters per minute. i was wrong. it was a small room. 2 beds inside and a few strange machines, that's it. it's less than 80 sq. feet!

I had to do 2 things, one is ultrasonic therapy - some blue gel spread over my knee and a nurse using an ultrasonic device circling or massaging over my knee cap. it's like what people do when they are checking their babies in their womb. this time it's not a camera but just something to make my bruised and swollen "soft bones" inside my knee heal more quickly, and ease my pain.

The second thing is a strange machine and it has 4 stuff to cup around my knee. they sucks. literally. they suck my skin and created a little bit of vacuum, and then they release some electricity to activate my muscles... my muscles were twitching in a rhythm for about 15 minutes! it was a weird experience.

I do hope this really works. i want to climb mountains and do all these sports again!

Tuesday, May 1, 2007


When PSP came out it was mind blowing. the screen, the technology, the graphic, the quality of the games, the price. i loved it and i would want to have one for myself!

Now after a couple of years everyone has a PSP. even all 5 year old kids have a PSP. in the MTR everyone is carrying a PSP. in the bus everyone is playing with a PSP. In the classes the kids are talking and thinking about PSP.

It's such a successful product, almost everyone had it, even the older people uses it. I didn't have it, and now i hated it.

Think of this way. every 5 to 16 year old has a PSP. how can they afford it? their parents. Their parents are either 1) spoiling their childrens and risking with their academic result, 2) the kids are kidnapping them selves if their old mans don't buy them the PSP there would no longer be father and son.

And the 2nd fact was most probably quite common. If a kid don't get a PSP from their folks they would die in front of their parents. The will have no self-esteem in front of classmates. There will be no meaning of life for them. they will have no interest in sports or collecting stamps or whatsoever anymore. Because they don't have a freaking PSP.

I went to the Golden computer center last night. What did i see? Father and sons buying PSP. The sons are pointing this and that and seems so pro and talk with the shop keepers. Fathers? asking for the price... where will he have warranty... can they buy pirated version games instead of the throat-cutting priced games (for the children standard).

What is wrong with the world? kids are bringing their parents to shop. They won't be a good children if they don't have a PSP. they won't study hard because they cannot relax with the PSP after the stressful school life. They just won't behave without the PSP. Sport? do it in PSP. Study? study the games of PSP. Healthy hobby? Do i need to mention?

Now what happened? PARENTS COMPROMISES. They had to please their sons by spoiling them with PSP - I would say, the ultimate evil product from SATAN ever created for the kids in the early 21th century.