Thursday, June 28, 2007


work in beijing is very busy.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

the most busy day of the year

today is the most busy day of the year for me. i am so tired. i could not finish the to do list today. it makes me wonder how come i am so unproductive while other people can manage a multi billion international corporation (maybe a few together at one time) and still manages to go play golf, and partying.


OKAY. now i am going to talk about my financial life. you know what? HSBC. full name: The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation. seems to be the biggest bank in Hong Kong but i don't have an account there.I want to make a loan there and do what i wanted to do. i want to invest some stocks and buy some funds there. i want to earn money..... you are just too kind reading my bull shit. thank you... If i want to invest which one should i go to? HSBC or just go to Franklin Templeton? American Express? AIA? AIG? .... .........what am i talking about?

Friday, June 22, 2007


今天又不知是第幾個週末一個人過。還未習慣這種無助的孤獨感,於是想起了我的好朋友們。誰不知不是沒人接電話,就是佳人有約。還好,原來我的朋友全部都在HAVING FUN。






今天在公司裏走過去廁所時, 剛巧收音機裏有人在說故事. 我剛聽到幾個字:


前文後語已聽不清楚了. 但是這八個字卻很深刻, 令我在廁所裏頭泛起了一陣陣的思考.

實在是太cool了. 我都想以"沉溺浪漫的攝影師"自居. 但是我個人来說並不浪漫, 我也不認為自己是一個攝影師...



看過阿公今天幾千字的blog post, 又要廢噏幾句

1) 同意, 我都是市井的人, 我為此自豪
2) 對我來說, 阿公你也是能做到很多東西出來的人, 我也深感佩服. 你要繼續努力!
3) 12年後我還是要捉你們出來飲茶歎世界. 我...想好明年可以做甚麼再說吧.
4) 對面的男人笑你呀
5) 漂漂亮亮的OL,一式一樣的名貴手袋令我作嘔. 你地白痴㗎, 唔用Gucci LV Chanel Dior 唔識做人呀, 你地敷淺可憐到極點, 要有性格就不如著suit用百佳膠袋呀, 咁我就respect喇!
6) 做一個不設實際的男人是挺浪漫的.


終於可以扮吓你地呢班文化人啦, 小弟今天在看思果先生的<香港之秋>, 書裏面附錄的其中一篇說現代人的中文實在差勁, 他舉出了很多很多仔細分析的例子, 說得我體無完膚, 我們的中文真的太差, 尤期是大眾讀物經常犯語病, 教壞細路, 全部中文的字詞擺位其實是英語格式, 是劣譯, 是劣文, 剛巧我要校正 (proof read) 公司的catalog, 完全發現書中的所及問題, 詞不達意, 簡直改到我想死, 我以後寫中文要多加留意, 多謝思果老師!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Prioritization Disorder

I am sure this is a term that dosen't exist. and it must also be spelled wrongly.
But i am sure i have this illness. Significantly.

So Called Prioritization Disorder, means i have difficulty in ordering things. When i face a bunch of work, i need to prioritize them, find what is most important and urgent, and make it on top of my to do list of the day, then, put the most unimportant non-urgent tasks on the bottom of my list.

This simple thing already causes me a lot of trouble. i find it very hard to order my tasks. I don't know which is more important. even if i do, i find it extremely difficult to put it on top of my to do list.

I tend to do the least important, least urgent tasks first.
Like... writing this blog. I should be filling up my application form for my German working visa.

Maybe the prioritization disorder is just an excuse for me to let myself continue like this. what i lack is just some self discipline and focus and determination in finishing the tasks. last but not least, i need some passion of life.

To be more exact, I have cognitive disorder. There is such a term and i am sure i have this problem.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

holiday - or is it

it's holiday
wanna do something
but no one is free
i can't go alone
what should i do
i would probably work at home then...


Finally posted the SME3012 onto ebay for my family. hope someone really buy it then we can earn some extra money out of the junk in my home! Guys please check it out!


Invented a new way of using laptop on the bed. very healthy! try it!

Monday, June 18, 2007

Father's Day

Slept until 1400
feeling dizzy and tired
then sleep again
from 1645 to 1900
even more tired and more dizzy
what should i do
i should now sleep again

Thursday, June 14, 2007

failed.... loosing grip on myself

i failed my driving test today.
i thought i was cool and i really did well before
but when the test begins i lost control on everything
i did series of serious mistakes.
mistakes that no one can be blamed but my inability to stay focused and calm.

i failed my driving test today.
that's not surprising at all. i have expected that.
but i was upset about my performance.
what went wrong? i suddenly felt like i didn't know how to drive.
my mind was all empty. i couldn't remember the course.

i failed on myself today.
i was down, down, down
and i felt incredibly lonely right now.

Sunday, June 10, 2007



it was 3am at night and i was facinated by the magnificent view from the outside.
Even thought i am so sleepy, i couldn't sleep.

Dazed, amazed.


斌: 教主,要唔要我幫你成立德國分舵?

教主: 唔得呀,你無資格呀!

斌: 下!點解呀?

教主: 你個人太怕孤獨啦,你唔單止堅守唔到教規,你仲分分鍾仲會攪我D教友添呀!

斌: ‧‧‧‧‧‧

i believe i can fly

i dun wanna work here on land.

away from all the noise, terrible messy chaosy world
wanna work in a office up at 38000 feet
with the stunning view.

where there is calm, where i can embrace the cloud, the sun, the moon, and the stars.

Monday, June 4, 2007


I finally went there
feel the presence
i am glad that i am living in HK
i am glad that HK people never forgets
and i hope all of these unanswered questions can be solved.

we need to do something
we need to stand up


Finally he's gone back.
Still comprehending what had happened in these few days.

wish him good luck.

Sunday, June 3, 2007


厚厚的 有一點油畫的味道
你卻不在這裡 看不到

聽著耳機裏的 "飞べない翼"



Friday, June 1, 2007

So Hot

So hot So hot!

Ah Pai went out with us today, i'm glad that we went to the carpark in ocean terminal. my favorite secret spot. It's too hot to do anything, best is sit there and enjoy the breeze and the beautiful harbor.

i enjoy this kind of life. reminds me of my happiest teenage. young and dangerous. haha