Saturday, September 22, 2007

Fan Lok Shan

Yeah, it's you.

the one who gave me some of the most happiest memories
in my most innocent years.
that was the pure, honest fun.

you showed me a new world of exploration and adventure
you taught me something that i can learn from no one.

we used to be so close,
now we're parted.

Make sure you take good care of yourself,
and do your best to live well.

No one can take you away from my heart.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007






(some old writings dated 14-11-2000, at CityU P4902 room)

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Windsurf Day!

wowowowo hohohohho!

after 15 months of not being on top of a surfboard now i'm back! we went to the Stanley Main beach water center, i was pretty new in there and it took me 90 mins to rig up my gear and got into the water..... the place was so cramped up and all these "systematic" way of arranging things actually slow us down... compared to the St. Stephen bay i can finish my job in 20 mins! anyways i will be faster next time.

God! the wind is great keep going on 15 to 20 knots and me and cow keep going on the PLANE! flying here and there! of course there are some better people flying much much faster than us

i was exhausted! and i still feel the swells going up and down here sitting at hands have no strength now...

I feel like a tool

Hi, my name is B, and i feel like a tool.
a tool that hopefully it's useful, but not obvious
it dosent takes up too much space, but when you need it, it could be very handy
and it's helpful, too.

But this tool is different, this tool is longing for some respect.
However most people do not respect the tool by saying or doing anything to the tool.
They respect it by using it, they respect it by making the most out of it, they respect by choosing it, they respect it by taking all advantages of it.
This is how people respect a tool. if you're not good enough, they don't even think about you.

This tool is longed for someone to understand, too.
However most people do not understand the reason why the tool here and why it behave like this. they just understand what is it's function and what can do with it when you use it.

A tool is not a thinking individual, it is only something controlled by someone to achieve the goal and facilate the job. it is not designed to complete the job automatically.

Hi, my name is B, and i feel like a tool. a very helpful tool.

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Motorbike ride in HK!


my friend Kenny suddenly called to give me a motorbike ride, from central to sai kung!!!!! ooooooooooh

so happy! he drove so fast but very stable, and i had lot of fun! we droved on many highways and also the curvy roads... we had a great time eating and chatting in saikung!

you see how happy i am!? we were crossing the eastern cross-harbor tunnel. I was soooo happy and excited like a kid..... and i did look like one!!! yeah!!! afterall i didn't look so old! wish i can keep it forever... i don't mind being a kid...

Saturday, September 1, 2007


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what's the use of a journal

is this place supposed to be the place i can write everything i want?
of, it has already became a stage to entertain anyone?

i have a lot of things i would like to write down.
but i want to keep it private.