Thursday, June 12, 2008

Wednesday Photo Workshop

My lovely colleague, Florian Schueppel, is a good kick-ass photographer. we are kicking each other's asses, now each week on wednesday we have to shoot some projects. with our boss's equipments. (for free of course) and we have the boss's son, Cecil, to be the perfect model. (free as well)

it will be all good. Imagine in 1 year we will have around 50 projects. and they will be our portfolios. the model will be our friends, and they get great pics. our boss will have 2 better skilled assistants, more enthusiastic into photography. most of all, everyone have lots of fun with the pictures. In the end, EVERYONE WINS.

cant wait for the pictures...

DoCoMo 2.0 奇跡の出会い編

This is too good. i have to post it in here as well. i have never seen anything like this in recent years. i have watched it many times.

editing, shot arrangement, dialog, camera, directing, mise-en-scene, art direction, costume, story line, everything perfect.

acting.... so good, so good, sooooo exaggerated, still look natural, japanese style.
everyone are wonderful.

imagine how much work has to be done when you have just 1 camera. then you know how good it is.

thanks Gung for the info!


Christian Lindberg - Csárdás
If music cannot entertain, what is it?

this kid is good. though quite some mistakes, still amazing.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Basketball until 22:30

one good thing about living in higher altitude is that you enjoy lots of sunshine during the summer. sun comes out at 5, and goes down at 10:30. complete darkness at 11:00. this picture was taken at 10:30pm, and i was just finished my final 3 point shoot.

i forced myself to play basketball, and i force myself cannot leave without a certain number of scores, plus a perfect 3 pointer jump shot at the end. time to move my ass.