Monday, January 21, 2008

Very special German food!

Special Soup made of Eggs and Parmesan cheese and some other things! wow cool! they have bits inside that we can chew!

Rice-Milk, or Milk Rice! they are cooked together with milk and sugar. when we eat. we put some boiled butter into it, and we can put some peach slides. wow. can't imagine. quite tasty for a no-milk person like me!

Dinner Alone

I made this rice - Chinese Salami with rice, with baby cabbage! cooking alone tonight. TASTY!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Monthly Spending

This must have been a record. I have stayed at home - worked and lived inside without the need to buy anything and go anywhere. i have not spend anything since 13 days. this is a record of all my life i think since 12 years old.

Honestly, working in a big house and sleep here where u have all the food supply and everything, what do u need to spend? i am not a night life person... and i don't really drinks. If i really earn alot i might have saved alot of money. Too bad that i am only a volunteer right now and taking a minimum salary like pocket money. so this is good. at least i can buy myself a nice antique camera from ebay.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Distance to you, Hong Kong!

To all of you reading this from Hong Kong, i am now more than 8900 KMs away from you. If i am loud enough, i scream HELLO HONG KONG PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 恭喜發財!!!!!! then it will take 26245 seconds for the sound to travel to you. that means 7 hours and 17 minutes for you to hear that. it's that far.

Don't look in the map. it's longer. i used the google earth to calculate which is shorter on the globe on the straight line. This is calculated on sea level on an imaginery straight line, which is not possible. because there are mountains. between us, there are exactly:

1) Hong Kong 香港
2) China 中國
3) Kazakstan 卡薩克斯坦
4) Russia 俄羅斯
5) Latvia 拉脫維亞
6) Lithuania 立陶苑
7) Baltic Sea 波羅的海
8) Germany 德國

Quite a lot of distance, isn't it? thank you Internet!

About older people

My Boss, Ivo von Renner, is already 59 years old. and his mother, Eva, is 92 years old already, healthy and happy together at home.

Ivo showed me all his young pictures and i can see his whole life through his self portraits from 20 to now. Ivo still have all these energy and spirit and lives like a 45 years old. he's still crazy.

I thought this morning, people grow old and people leaves. when u leave this world, what will you do? Do you want to leave alone? or do you want someone by your side and walk the last few steps to heaven?

And i think of my grandmother. I didn't love her enough. and i didn't show her enough care. She's still alive, but i am not there next to her right now. I am scared. I want to make sure that when she leaves us, she would think that, "Oh, I had a hard life, but I am happy because I was loved."

I couldn't stop thinking going back to see her sooner.


For anyone who know Monopoly, u probably know what's happening on my side. i just got all the land. and i still have plenty of cash. i had 5 hotels and 12 houses. and all the stations on 4 streets. i just bought them all. thank you. this is the first time in my life i think Monopoly is a good game.

The essense of Monopoly is not about luck or how much u walk, it's all about bargaining power and when u spend the money. It's really a helpful game for kids. it will train their financial concept, which, you will never learn in school. like Rich Dad Poor Dad says, the school teaches u every academical things but never teach you how to manage your money. Which is the most important and urgent thing u need to know once you are out of the school.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Scary Horse Tricycle

Beside trying to make food, i take pictures too. i love taking pictures. today we went to my boss's relative's house and had a small family gathering. that house was so old, things inside was almost all antique. I am glad that i took this picture and i like it. this is something probably HK people never known.

A horse which looks scary merged together with a tricycle. I am glad that i took it with RAW mode which i had so much control afterwards. I took it with the latest and greatest Canon 1DS Mark III camera with the gorgeous 24mm F1.4 L lens.

This is a good camera. i highly recommend. if you can afford it.
Na .. na na na... na!

Chinese Dishes with my Boss

Mozzarella Salad

Fried Egg White 賽螃蟹

Today i decided to do a test with some chiense dishes in a smaller portion. i had to find some dishes which is simple to make, healthy (at least looks like), easy to find ingredient, and looks totally different than german food to stimulate the family's appetite. Since it's only me and my boss Ivo having dinner tonight. so i wanna try the fried egg white.

Appetizer is just mozzerella with tomato and basil leaves, mix with olive oil, basamico vinegar, black pepper and salt.

Fried Egg White (賽螃蟹, damn it! the English name is so not elegant! but what can i say? "competing with crab"??) is just basically fried egg white mixed with corn flour, salt and water and sesame oil. lots of oil! then put one Egg yoke on top of the dish and some Xhinese Shanghainese vinegar. they should be garnished with some broccoli on the side and some dried scallop, but i don't have it in hand. (hey it's just a test, right?)

I don't have change to get a hold of the chinese vinegar so i had to use the italian basamico vinegar. and i had to use olive oil instead of sesame oil. turned out to be like this... hey. not bad! just a bit salty and a bit overcooked. but the direction was right.

....when did this blog started to be a food blog?

Friday, January 11, 2008

Where am i , why am i here?

i cannot see the future. why am i here? what am i doing everyday? what can i do?

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Getting better and better

Did i mention that i had not enough food at home before? i get hungry at night even short after dinner. Now they are trying to cook more and better food. I am so happy! maybe they are really doing it... or it is just my feeling. Food is getting in larger portion and i can feel really full after, which is what i always feel after each meal.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Lunch with german cabbage 梅菜

These german cabbage has to put outside the house, under freezing temperature for 1 or 2 days, until it changed it's texture, then cook again . they are soft and break down. it tastes so similar to the chinese dried cabbage (梅菜). i miss chinese food now.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008


The cat ate the mouse, so i had to use the USB Cat for my computer.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

My Favorite Chicken Leg

yes, it's this chicken leg made me back to this blog again. i need to have a more regulated life now. no more free time. have to have a time schedule for doing things everyday. it's Germany, i need to have a German disciplined life.

Everyday i feel like i did not eat enough. this after when we suddenly have Chicken wing and rice, i almost feel like i was back to the age 5 when i loved chicken leg rice with sauce. Now i have it again, in a German taste. it was almost touching that i had to run to my room and take a camera and take a picture.

I love you and i miss you so much, chicken leg.

Friday, January 4, 2008

IKEA in Hamburg

IKEA here so big, that is almost like a super garage. it has it's own building with carpark on the top. things are more or less the same in HK, of course, more choices and more space. Prices are still cheap, which is good.