Saturday, April 28, 2007

Thought of the minute

I miss that troubled, hopeless, innocent, inaccessible, hard to be understood, yet friendly and easy-going, special and unusual, smart but weird, mysterious, give unexpected responses, laugh all the time, silly, talented...little cute creature.

Fade into you

A bird flying through the clouds.
Someone gave me a knife.
I wanna hold on to something.
Cactus growing in my mind.

Outdated film, rotten fruit.
A mouse on my desk.
Look left, look right.

Loneliness wiping out the night.
i go home.

Piano sounds as good as it was,
but i am a different person.

push, kick, swing, slam.
Music playing so loud, I couldn't hear what you say.

You go away, you come close.
Stirs up my emotions.

You asked me what is going on,
i said, just shut up and kiss me.

My legs, the Doctor, and Ben Law

My feel hurts today and i bought a hiking pole to support myself. don't know if it's useful. my knee hurts when i stand up and carry heavy stuff.

After i know that the insurance can cover my medical expenses (since this is an accident) I went to see a general doctor in the morning, and then i went to a chinese doctor in the evening. the chinese doctor is interesting...

After that ben and me had a wonderful dinner in yau ma tei, we "da lang" on the street all night talking basically everything!

Friday, April 27, 2007

Sorry, Sifu, Hello, Kenny!

AHHHH again i need to scream. i totolly forgot that today was the fantastic driving lesson! damn! i totally forgot and i was having dinner with my friend Kenny... Oh damn the teacher called me when i was having dinner.. he said "hey it's your driving lesson today.." and i was like.... "OOOOH SHIT!" i am not sure if he's mad or not..

I was having a great dinner with my friend Kenny in Pepperonis, Soho. He's another good friend long time no see. He brought his new girlfriend along to dinner too. they look so happy together. i bless them all the best!

My feet... hurting more everyday. it is because i started to be aware of them more and more, or i am really loosing them? the feeling from the joints got greater.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

My knees! am i gonna be crippled?


my knees are going bad. started to feel pain. dunno if it is related to the taiwan hiking. Something it is hurting me underneath the skin, like some needles poking me. I can't even use strength or carry heavy stuff... the joint hurts when i walk.

i went to the doctor before i felt pain.. and she said it could not be healed.. i can only rest. and my knee joint bones are getting bigger because they are grinding each an abnormal way

can i still walk in 5 years time? (is my travel insurance covering it?)

boring bloooooooog

i just found that other people's blogs are much more intersting to read, and mine were just a boring, flat description of life. ahh this tasteless, hopeless junks should change...

My second driving lesson

Oh my. I practiced changing gears at home by imagination. And it worked! My gear changing was smoother now, and I am driving much better than last time! Still getting the feeling of the steering wheel, the throttle and the brake. I need to familiarize with the feeling of controlling the car, rather than learning what to do with the car.

But today i had alot of fun driving! i even drove home by myself! hahaha

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Chaos day

I feel dull right now.

Everything today went wrong. Work is not smooth.

I maintained to have an optimistic mind
but i don't have a good mood.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

My first driving experinece

My First driving lesson!!!
after dreaming for many years finally have a chance to learn driving.
i drove right from the start! i sat on the driver's seat!

Oh my god i always thought i knew how to drive and i didn't..
the clutch and the gear stick and the hand brake and the brake and the throttle and the steering wheel and the mirrors... too many things to take care of in the car, not including the road and other cars next to me!

too many things happens at once, it was more scary than enjoying. i need to practise more to get used to it, make it a subconcious thing!

Long time no see, Billy!

I finally met my friend Billy. I have lost contact with him for around 2 years. He is my very very close friend, and I met him since were 9 years old.

He drove a yellow mini cooper to pick me up for lunch. How cool is that! He look great, the same shape, but bigger. He is going to look like his dad. I was so happy to see him… and we kept talking and talking, just like we have to talk through everything in these 2 years.

Wow many things happened. He went to USA and got a private pilot license. Opened up a unique sport training business (lacrosse! You know what that is?) and got back together with his ex-girlfriend. I like them a lot. They look like the perfect match.

He is always cool and funny. Probably a little bit more mature than we were 10… it has been 16 years already. I couldn’t express how happy I am seeing him and making sure he’s okay. I just couldn’t wait to see him again very soon.

I really care about him, and I bless one day he will become a real airline pilot very soon!

Pioneer CDJ

Suddenly my brother got a Pioneer CDJ! That's another thing besides his 2 turntables and a mixer. It was so cool! i played and scratched with it, it feels like a real turntable but it plays CDs! It also have alot of other functions that a turntable dosent have... i am still exploring it, and i really hope my brother will become a real DJ soon!

...Tomorrow will be my first day to drive, i am having my first driving lesson in kowloon!

Friday, April 20, 2007

Mood Swing / Friend's new company

I woke up this morning i didn't feel like having a good mood.

I had a a lot to do today and i decided not to do any of them. i was about to go casting, i didn't want to go. A friend invited me to dinner, i didn't want to go. i don't know why this happened. i just don't want to do the thing i need to do.

as usual i did a lot today in office. after work my friend Tak called me for help about computer stuff in his new office. (he wanted me to go visit him and fix the computer also) After a long consideration i said yes and went there.

it was so cool! the office is simple, clean and presentable. i liked it alot. it is a really comfortable place. i hope he can do good business there!

Wish my bad mood can go away tomorrow!

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Driver's test - written test

Oh yes, alot of things happened to me today. just like this year.

I got my driver's test - written test today,
and i think i have got all the answers correct!

I received a book after applied for the test. i studied hard in it! i marked the book, and i read it while going to work... i studied like when i am in school! then day before the test i heard someone that the test is REALLY easy - you only need to read the book once before you go to the test!

Every question i read 3 times. I finished the test in around 5 minutes out of the 20 minutes allocation. To be safe, i rechecked the whole test 3 times to make sure all the questions are 100% correct.

Am i exactly like a student? yes! but i am 15 years too late to be a good hardworking student! Is it the German Way of studying? ha i love German stuff

Well i will really work hard to learn how to drive a car well! it has been 8 years of waiting, can't mess it up!

Ricoh GR1

Finally after 5 years i get my own Ricoh GR1!

It's a second hand i got from a shop which is a good price... HK$1500.
yes, it's HK$1500. it's a great amount of money for a small film automatic camera.
but this is something you can keep, a must-have for any photo enthusiasts.

then i got it. I am glad! I finally joined the club! can't wait to see the first roll...

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Photography Assistant

I am a photography assistant again today!

Working with my best buddy Pak today. I used to work with him everyday, to assist his photography. Today I helped him again for a few hours, the good feeling comes back!

I am able to think during work finally.I am the one who keep thinking how to make things better. My brain has never been so clear! there are so much mutual understanding in between us and it is like a perfect team!

... i think it's better for me to work in a studio instead of an office...

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

First day at work

After almost 45 days working out of town, going back to my office seems to be a new experience to me. I almost did not recognize my desktop. it was such a mess. many people moved my stuff, and the room was a chaos.

I could not get the right mood to work, so i spend some time checking my portfolio in ebay, in the forum, and gmail. i was having a great time in my office relaxing...

well then i just realized i need to "getting my things done" so i started to really work... first i figure out what i need to do after these crazy days, sort them out and categorize on a paper, then find the most important things to do first.

then i get back to my busy working days just like i didn't leave at all...
boring, isn't it?

Sunday, April 15, 2007

"other people make a living, we make a life"

talked with my indian friend Vivek about something in life. we actually love to share these thoughts.

A taxi driver said he's gambling soccer and horse racing to kill free time. To Vivek and me, "to do something to kill free time" seems to be the most luxury waste... where other people like us don't have this luxury.

to us, it's like a westerner talking to some starved children in Africa: i am too full to eat the food on the table. let's throw them away.

At first we would think, "oh that's cool, they have free time to spend, and we are busy like hell" then after a minute i think that they are so poor coz they have nothing meaningful to do in life, and we stuffed our life with all kinds of things. we lives life to the max!

thus Vivek comes up an indian word or wisdom: "other people make a living, we make a life"

My first post

Hi everyone it's me!