Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Remote Cooking Tutorial

Mum is teaching me how to cook MUMMY STYLE FRIED RICE over the internet...

It's Pineapple + Onion + Sausage + Egg. Not very good looking, i forgot the vegetable and the raisin. however, it tastes exactly like mummy food (under her supervision).

I miss her. i miss my family.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Homesick Medicine

yeah, i know, they exists everywhere. but. remember, in here, it is 3 times more expensive!

European Football Experience 2

2nd time watching Schalke04. this time in Hamburg. again, i got a free ticket. (of course it is expensive but i got the seat for free) Schalke04 vs Hamburg HSV!

people here look much nicer than last time. people here are more rich and well dressed.

look. people just pee like that on the way to the stadium.

European football fans sometimes can be dangerous. all police dressed like this. and there were alot.

Schalke fans here are minor group, however they are strong and might be hooligans (the violant fans) on the right hand side, there were a whole line of police walking with them!!!


Friday, April 18, 2008

where to go?

I was totally stressed about my future. i was so worried, that i cannot enjoy my life.

"Your future is not for you to think..... let TODAY leads you to a better place you have never thought about. ....Otherwise, your future will ruin your day!"

"i just drift along, just drift along this river of time, wherever it takes me to, i go."