Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Great Celebration of the Dying

Let us celebrate the dying of the blog life - together with xanga - damn you, Facebook!

Even with your new interface you are still full of shit and time-wasting features - and you are still a complete dungeon for me to wander about. Why such an un-user friendly interface would become the most popular of all in just 2 years?

I still get lost in Facebook's new interface - althought at least i have a little clue of where i am instead of punching my monitor and throwing around my keyboard and biting my fingers off to figure out what i am looking at.

Thanks to the mass emails Facebook sent to my email account now i deactivated facebook's email notification service. No more email from my Facebook. No more application invitation. My friends, if you want to talk to me, call me. Write me an email. If you want to say something, Call me directly.

What am i bitching about? Facebook brought me into contact ( i would rather say, indirectly related) to my old lost friends. I added them into my friends list (again?) but i never really talk to them. what should i do? invite them to 古惑仔online?

The only good thing is that I can use facebook's album to check out my friend's latest pictures, no matter if they want it or not, they were tagged by other friends with their mouth-opening / eye closing / tummy protruding shots with their name on the pictures.

Blogspot, my friend who never send me email to let me know your existence, I am sorry, I ignored you for long. Yes, now i log in to Facebook 10 times a week instead of 2 times a month.

For all the people including me who had forgotten blogspot, I apologize, you are still better.

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Sally Joymixer said...

Dull, check your facebook, haaaa