Sunday, March 15, 2009

Manu Salad

This is a salad that i learnt from my friend, Manuel Ferrigato, who is an Italian. I do not know how authentic Italian it is, so i named it after him - Manu-Salad.

It is my favorite salad since it is super easy to make! Just select a kind of salad vegetable. you can use Lettuce, this time i used Lamb's Lettuce.


Salad Vegetable
Parmesan Cheese
Cherry Tomato
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Balsamico Vinegar
Black Pepper

just wash the vegetable, make sure they are drained out of water. break them down into small pieces. Shred some carrots, cut some cherry tomatoes into half. (I did not have tomato today) put them all together in a salad bowl, add Olive oil, a bit of Balsamico vinegar, and at last, shred some FRESH Parmesan Cheese on top. you can add more if you like.

Add a few drops of lemon juice, add black pepper or salt if you prefer. Mix them well and serve!

This salad is so tasty, and it really makes you feel so fresh and good. Try it to believe it. it makes you feel good. you can have it before or after meal, or both, as you like!

...i wish i have a better camera to show it nicer and tastier!

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